In Sustainable Strategies we have experience in working with companies in understanding, implementing and capitalizing on CSR and Sustainable Development strategies. Our knowledge of international best practices and our understanding of local realities allow us to design winning strategies for companies seeking change. Our services are designed to satisfy specific needs, without losing sight of holistic CSR strategies to positively influence the societies in which we operate.

Every company has different risks and opportunities in CSR, identifying and capitalizing on them is our specialty. Our services are custom made to generate value for companies.

Our services are:

[su_spoiler title=”CSR strategy and operations”]

  • Internal and external diagnostics
  • CSR incorporation into the corporate strategy starting from corporate identity.
  • CSR Scorecards to manage high impact strategies.
  • Advising leaders on CSR implementation.
  • Designing policies, practices and CSR management systems.

[su_spoiler title=”CSR focus/Materiality Analysis”]

  • Comparative prioritization on issues that impact the company and its stakeholders.
  • Standard methodology on identifying most material issues for the company.
  • Developing CSR work areas to focus on.

[su_spoiler title=”Applied investigation on CSR trends”]

  • Benchmark of industry or company best practices.
  • Understanding business contexts to make better decisions.
  • Identifying company implications to social changes.

[su_spoiler title=”Measuring impact”]

  • Measuring advances and impact due to strategies and projects
  • Measuring company impact on society

[su_spoiler title=”Reporting and strategic communications”]

  • Communication strategies with diverse internal and external strategies.
  • Advising on Sustainability Reporting.
  • Critical Reading of Sustainability Reports and/or communications strategies to advise content and focus.

[su_spoiler title=”Ethics and governance programs”]

  • Development of ethics and governance programs.
  • Advisory services on implementing programs and managing systems on grounding ethics cultures.
  • Ethical supply chain management.

[su_spoiler title=”Stakeholder mapping and dialogue”]

  • Stakeholder mapping of most influential internal and external actors.
  • Engagement with stakeholders to surpass reputation management.
  • Engagement with stakeholders to strengthen internal processes.
  • Standardized methodologies and procedures to build trust with actors in the long term.

[su_spoiler title=”Alliance management”]

  • Identification and forging of alliances
  • Development of action plans for alliances